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BlackBerry Q10 and BlackBerry Z10 Limited Edition in pictures

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The BlackBerry Q10 smartphone, set to ship in April, is a conventional BlackBerry in appearance, sporting the Qwerty keyboard beloved of mobile professionals everywhere, who want to see and respond to email as soon as possible.

Like the BlackBerry Z10 now shipping, the Q10 runs the BlackBerry 10 OS, but has a different size and shape of screen in order to fit in the keyboard below, with 720x720 pixels instead of the 768x1280 of the Z10.

BlackBerry Q10

Many of the specs of the Q10 have yet to be disclosed, including the exact screen size, its weight, or the processor and memory inside the device.

What BlackBerry has revealed is that the Q10 is the first BlackBerry device with an Oled screen, and traditional BlackBerry users will notice that the display background is black instead of white, which saves on power.

As you might expect, the experience of using the Q10 is pretty much the same as the Z10, as it has a touchscreen supporting the same gestures and the same user interface as described in our full review of the BlackBerry Z10.

However, there are some tweaks to take account of the keyboard, such as Type and Go, which allows the user shortcuts to functions without taking their hands off the keyboard. Typing "email Nigel" for example, will cause the phone to look for a contact called "Nigel" and open a new email message addressed to that person.

The Q10 features a larger battery than the Z10 - 2100mAh in capacity compared with 1800mAh - and the firm claims it is the largest battery ever in a BlackBerry device.

BlackBerry Q10

While the Q10 resembles earlier devices such as the BlackBerry Bold 9900, it has a straight keyboard that goes from edge to edge of the device, and touted as the largest on any Blackberry device to date. It has the characteristic sculpted keycaps designed to make it easier to type on.

BlackBerry said the device is designed to be durable, with a glass weave back panel, said to be twice as strong as plastic and a stainless steel fret or ridge that the phone rests on when placed on a desk, to provide further protection.

BlackBerry also showed off its BlackBerry Z10 Limited Edition handset which is only available to developers.

BlackBerry Z10 Limited Edition

This is pretty much identical to the Z10 available to consumers, but comes in a Ferrari red case and each device carries a unique "Limited Edition" serial number, according to BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Z10 Limited Edition

06 Feb 2013

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