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CES: Panasonic 4K tablet hands on review

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LAS VEGAS: Tablets have long been seen as consumer-first devices. Even when they were brought into the enterprise, it was only because end users forced the issue. This year, however, Panasonic is looking to change that with a large-screen tablet model designed strictly for business use.

Panasonic 4K tablet


The Panasonic 4k is a 20in tablet designed for professional use. Unveiled at CES, the large-screen tablet looks to provide a platform for designers, photographers, architects and other digital professionals who require a large and accurate canvas for their work.

Panasonic 4K tablet


The main attraction of the Panasonic 4K tablet is, of course, the screen. True to its billing, the touchscreen offers an ultra-clear image with a resolution four times higher than that of the 1080p HD picture standard. While it doesn't come across in photo form, the screen clarity and picture quality is everything the company hyped it up to be. But the 4K isn't just a fancy display. Beneath the touchscreen lies a full Windows 8 tablet based on Intel's Core processors.

Panasonic 4K tablet


While the sheer size of the 4K makes it a two-handed device, the tablet itself is rather light and when held up provides a good weight distribution, so no need worry about wrecking your back carrying it around the office or through the parking lot.

The touchscreen interface still needs some work, but that is to be expected in a device so early in its development. Panasonic will have plenty of time for tweaks before the tablet hits the market in the second half of the year.

08 Jan 2013

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