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Microsoft lands augmented reality specs patent

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Google may have garnered all the attention for its heads-up augmented reality project, Google Glasses, but it's not the only tech giant toying with the idea of using high-tech glasses to change the way we look at the world.

Microsoft has just been granted a patent for its very own jazzed up spectacles – and this one is aimed at the sports fans.

Researchers at Microsoft noted that those in the crowd often miss out on vital information that armchair viewers can see. For example, in NFL games, TV stations routinely display the 10-yard mark as a virtual line on the pitch.

Microsoft's device would allow users wearing its glasses to see all the live action, but have additional information displayed on the glass.

“The information is presented in a position in the head mounted display which does not interfere with the user's enjoyment of the live event,” the patent application stated.

Of course, it could look like Microsoft was jumping on the bandwagon here, especially after Google showed off its Glasses system earlier this year. But to be fair to the Redmond-based giant, its patent application was made in May 2011 – it's just taken a while to get approval.

Now let's just hope its researchers carry on building such neat gizmos, rather than letting the lawyers loose in another patent brawl.

23 Nov 2012

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