Microsoft study finds consumers are wising up to online privacy issues

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Microsoft has released a study that shows consumers are starting to more actively address their privacy concerns.

Microsoft's study found 85 percent of those surveyed are taking active steps to protect their online privacy. The most common precaution made to prevent privacy issues was found to be the deletion of online cookies.

Despite taking more control of their online privacy many consumers feel they have little control over their online data.

About 45 percent of the 1,000 consumers Microsoft surveyed said they feel they have little control over the type of personal information that gets gathered about them online.

The study also found that 39 percent of those people said they rely on the opinions of family and friends, as well as corporate privacy policies, to decide if they want to share specific information online.

Microsoft's study is interesting because it points out that consumers may have started to become more aware of how to protect their online privacy.

Using online tools and understanding privacy polices is a good start to changing internet browsing preferences to take back a user's privacy rights.


29 Jan 2013

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