Facebook beats books for memorable musings

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People memorise Facebook posts one and a half times better than they remember a books text, according to a new university study.

The findings come following an extensive study on human memory from the University of San Diego and the University of Warwick. Research from the two school's study was recently published in the Springer Journal Memory and Cognition.

"We were really surprised when we saw just how much stronger memory for Facebook posts was compared to other types of stimuli," said Laura Mickes of the Department of Psychology at the University of Warwick.

"These kinds of gaps in performance are on a scale similar to the differences between amnesiacs and people with healthy memory."

According to the study, the huge gap in memory cognition comes from the fact that books are much more mentally intensive and isolating. The study reported that because Facebook posts comes from people you know and are short they are easier to remember.

Because people share rewards and news of potential threats with each other it makes sense that you'd remember a Facebook post, at least from an evolutionary standpoint.

"Facebook is updated roughly 30 million times an hour so it's easy to dismiss it as full of mundane, trivial bits of information that we will instantly forget as soon as we read them," continued Mickes.

"But our study turns that view on its head, and by doing so gives us a really useful glimpse into the kinds of information we're hardwired to remember.

If nothing else, the new information should peak marketers interest. Knowing people are more adept at remembering Facebook posts means sponsored stories ads may actually be valuable.

18 Jan 2013

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