Google's Eric Schmidt planning trip to North Korea

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Eric Schmidt will head to North Korea on a personal humanitarian trip, according to the Associated Press.

Schmidt's trip doesn't look to be about Google business. After all, North Korea barely has an internet service. Instead Schmidt looks to be going on the trip in an effort to spread the internet to the oppressed nation.

According to the Associated Press, Schmidt is a major proponent of extending internet freedoms in oppressed countries. He even has a book on the subject set to drop later this year.

Schmidt's mission, however, doesn't look to be an easy task. North Korea is currently struggling to get its people out of mass poverty.

As it currently stands, only the wealthier North Koreans can get any access to the web. Many in North Korea struggle to meet basic human needs, and few have the necessary infrastructure to get online.

During a speech for the New Year the Korean leader Kim Jong Un re-emphasised the importance of stimulating the country's struggling economy. He failed to mention any possibility of increasing the use of the internet to citizens.

Whether Schmidt is able to turn that around is yet to be seen. However, Schmidt will be Google's first executive to ever go into North Korea and his trip could mean an opening of dialogue between the search giant and the impoverished country.

03 Jan 2013

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