Former Microsoft executive Steven Sinofsky set to teach at Harvard

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Recently axed executive Steven Sinofsky has reported that he will began teaching at Harvard this spring.

Sinofsky disclosed the news on his Twitter feed. The former exec left Microsoft earlier this year. His combative nature reportedly played a factor in his dismissal from the company.

"Excited to return to [Harvard Business School] to teach again this spring," said Sinofsky on Twitter.

Sinofsky's new job will be his second go around at Harvard. He worked as a part-time professor at the university in the late 90s. While there he wrote a book about his experience's at Microsoft.

The former executive spent over 20 years at the company. He resigned from his position as the firm's head of Windows and Windows Live last month. The resignation was said to be a mutal parting of ways between Sinofsky and Microsoft.

Reports have since surfaced that he was ousted from because of his inability to work with others in the company. Analysts have claimed that his "authoritarian" nature led to his downfall.

His ouster came around the same time as Apple's decision to let go of their combative executive Scott Forstall. Both execs shared a difficult nature that led them to become very divisive figures.

Sinofsky and Forstall shared their confrontational personalities with the likes of Steve Jobs. The Apple founder was notorious for his never-back-down approach to business.

However, in recent years that style of management has gone to the waist side. Under the likes of Tim Cook and Steve Ballmer technology corporations have offered a much more collaborative environment.

Perhaps with his new position Sinofsky will look to bring the Jobs-style of management back to the forefront. Through his teachings maybe some students will latch onto the "my way or the highway" management style of the former exec.

19 Dec 2012

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