Cookbook sheds light on Silicon Valley's cooking prowess

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What does the co-founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg, eat for breakfast? Doritos and Mountain Dew, right? Wrong. In fact, Mullenweg eats a specially made slow-cooked egg dish that he calls "Eggs à la Matt".

The revelation that the techie responsible for WordPress can actually cook something other than Pot Noodles comes from the new e-cookbook The Startup Chef

Startup Chef is a 75-recipe tome full of the foods that tech start-up executives make.

According to the book's authors, Maya Baratz and Hunter Walker, the e-book sets out to show that the same creativity that one needs to build a tech company can be moved into the kitchen.

"A cookbook by people who make technology products may seem a bit counter-intuitive at first. Technology, after all, is about bytes, not bites," the authors wrote in a description of the book.

"But the creative process that goes into cooking a great meal - and the raw vision, passion and imagination one applies to making something new out of a sum of unsuspecting ingredients - is not so different from the process of creating innovative technology products."

Among the techie's recipes inside the book, readers will find out what gets cooked up at a Zuckerberg family dinner.

Both Mark Zuckerberg's sisters, Randi and Donna, shared recipes for the project, including the family recipe for "Eggnog Cinnamon Chip Scones" in the book.

Unfortunately, there is no word on Mark's culinary aptitude in the book. However, may we recommend hoodie-wearing gingerbread man as an ideal dessert for the holiday season?

Those interested in learning how to eat like a Silicon Valley bigwig can check out the e-book now for $10. As an added bonus all proceeds from the book go to charities that are helping to stop world hunger.

11 Dec 2012

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