John McAfee starts blogging from a prison cell

John McAfee
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The strange story of millionaire software pioneer, and alleged user of mind-bending drugs, John McAfee took another bizarre turn recently. While hold up in a Guatemala prison McAfee began blogging about his life in incarceration.

This wasn't some sort of Guatemala prisoner rehabilitation programme either. Evidently, McAfee just asked for a computer and then it suddenly showed up.

"I am in jail in Guatemala; vastly superior to Belize jails. I asked for a computer and one magically appeared. The coffee is also excellent," McAfee wrote from behind bars.

McAfee's jab at the Belize prison system comes following his lengthy fight to avoid a the authorities there. The security software luminary was recently sent to a Guatemalan prison having entered the country illegally.

The imprisoned blogger is currently wanted for questioning in Belize, where authorities say they just want to ask McAfee some questions. But McAfee is convinced they plan to throw him in jail for life.

McAfee says he has been doing some snooping and discovered high-level corruption in the Belize police system. He says the Belize authorities want to silence him for what he knows.

But wait, it gets better. McAfee is not only getting free computer time in jail he is also looking to get asylum in Guatemala.

McAfee has convinced the former attorney general of Guatemala to represent him in his fight for asylum. He's even calling on his supporters to tweet the president of Guatemala on his behalf.

No matter how this turns out, we can't wait for the TV movie of the John McAfee story. Just wait until Gary Busey dyes his hair and plays the beleaguered security software luminary.

06 Dec 2012

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