Google updates Maps for 10 European territories

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Google has updated its maps for Andorra, Bulgaria, Estonia, Gibraltar, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.

The updates come as part of Google's Ground Truth initiative. Ground Truth aims to bring high quality maps to every place on the globe. Google claims its using a combination of advanced algorithms and superior mapping data to deliver on its promise.

Google's recent updates are just one of many that have occurred this year. The search giant started mapping UK Rivers earlier this year. Google also deployed staff to map out the inside of a number of UK landmarks last July

Among the more interesting updates to come out the current European revisions are the additions of ferry lines, walking paths, and university campuses. Google specifically pointed to the addition of detailed walking paths of the Royal Botanical Gardens of Spain as a point of pride.

Google also wants to hear some user feedback on the Map updates. The Android OS developer says that it can update Map issues in as little as a few minutes following users reported issue.

While the constant updating of Google Maps is exciting, they still are not without some foibles. The search giant's maps recently led a team of explorers to be lost at sea when an island listed by Google proved to not exist.

06 Dec 2012

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