Chevy gets the hots for Apple's Siri as in-car tech evolves

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Chevy Apple iPhone Siri

You could almost hear the collective spitting of tea over monitors when it emerged the carmakers were promoting their vehicles on the ability to hook up with a iPod.

Economists were agog that $20,000-plus vehicles were being promoted on the basis of a $200 add-on. But Apple's allure to the carmakers remains undimmed. From next year Chevy will be pushing some models capable of integrating with the iPhone digital assistant, Siri.

From early 2013, the Chevy Spark and Sonic will come in models that support iOS 6 users, so drivers can plug in their iPhone and operate it via Siri. The so-called Eyes Free mode will let drivers make voice-activated calls, play songs, compose text messages or check an appointment. The system which integrates Siri with Chevrolet's MyLink in-car platform, aims to minimise driver distractions by stopping the screen lighting up. 

“Safe, easy, reliable and portable connectivity is a top priority for our customers, and Siri complements MyLink’s existing capabilities to help deliver an incredible driving experience,” said Cristi Landy, Chevrolet marketing director for small cars.

One can only hope for all the sake of all the Siri-using Chevy drivers that will be out on the roads next year that Siri doesn't come with Apple Maps integration – they might otherwise set off a a journey to the shops and be directed to the Grand Canyon.



27 Nov 2012

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