Pixar honours Steve Jobs

Apple's Steve Jobs
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Pixar has named its headquarters' main building after technology luminary Steve Jobs.

Many know Jobs as the man behind the technology juggernaut Apple. However, Jobs also played a major role in building up the studio responsible for the Toy Story trilogy.

Pixar got started as its own company when Jobs invested in the studio in 1986. Before then the studio was just a division of LucasArts where it worked on special effect for such films as Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Jobs' personal interest in the company was said to be a driving force in getting the company to make such films as Bug's Life. His work with Pixar employee John Lasseter was considered a major factor in turning the company into a successful movie studio.

Now in honour of his work, Jobs is getting a Pixar building named after him. According to the Pixar Times, Pixar headquarters' main building is now called "The Steve Jobs Building".

The new building name is a reminder of just how much of a business mastermind Jobs really was. No matter what you think of the man personally, its hard to argue that he wasn't a clever businessman.

Whether it was iPhones or Toy Story, Jobs was a genius when it came to finding products which were on the trail to success. The only question now is: Are Apple's current crop of executives able to guide Apple now that Jobs has passed?

07 Nov 2012

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