Apple iOS 6 update outrages users with shoddy Maps service

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Apple Maps IOS 6

Apple’s new iOS 6 operating system hasn’t even been available for 24 hours but already users of the new system are complaining bitterly that the new Maps tool is a step backwards from Google Maps that was previously standard in the operating system.

The firm confirmed it would be ditching Google Maps earlier this year to use its own system based on TomTom’s data, but so far users have been less than impressed with the change, with many reporting that whole towns and streets are a mystery to the service when searching.

Others have complained their towns have been moved some miles from their actually location while the amount of details provided in a search of a certain area, particularly around the countryside, is far less than that of Google. And there's no Street View either.

Apple chose to ditch Google as the battle between the two firms for mobile dominance heats up but so far its appears users are the ones to be punished more over the change.

As ever, the request for comment or to discuss the issue with Apple was met with stony silence.

No doubt Google is rubbing its hands at the backlash and busy working away on a dedicated app for iOS users, although nothing is available yet despite V3 asking for a timeline on its progress.

You can always access Google Maps via the Safari web browser if you're really desperate, though.

Meanwhile, Nokia used the change to tout its own tools, paying for a promoted message on Twitter whenever someone searched for relevant terms related to the issue on the site.

Those set to get their mitts on a new iPhone 5 on Friday will find the new mapping tool already installed, but for those still to update, you may want to hold off until the Google Maps tool is available, so you can immediately switch to the older service.

Until, then, though, it looks as if those already with the new mapping system are sending Apple to Coventry, if they can find their way that is.

20 Sep 2012

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