Oracle OpenWorld Monday round-up: Hurd and Ellison fail to set the keynote theatre alight

Larry Ellison speaking at Oracle OpenWorld 2011 (Photo - Oracle)
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SAN FRANCISCO: It's the end of day one at Oracle OpenWorld, and there's been a few highlights so far, namely the Big Data Appliance running on a NoSQL database, and the prospect of high level business intelligence tools via Exalytics. And depending on your sports preference, the appearance on stage of San Francisco Giants president Larry Baer giving Oracle chief Larry Ellison a World Series ring on Sunday evening.

However, the keynote sessions so far have not been that inspiring. Ellison used his Sunday night slot to drill down into some very technical detail on the Exa- line of products, punctuated only by his usual instruction to the PowerPoint manager of "next slide".

His comments about Oracle being the Apple of the enterprise world, IN that both firms marry hardware and software, were interesting, as was his promise to go after IBM in the server processor arena. But it was not a very uplifting session for the opening of a show that has attracted around 45,000 people to the Moscone Center.

On Monday morning, the prospect of Oracle president Mark Hurd was more enticing, as we waited to see whether the ex-HP chief would use his slot to carry on the slanging war between the two firms, or at least have a minor dig at his previous employer.

Although this didn't come to fruition, Hurd did promise to give an Oracle strategy update, which he then failed to deliver. Aside from the mention of Oracle's $4bn+ R&D spend per year, a 20 per cent increase in licences and the fact that 2012 will be all about the Exa- products, Hurd had little else to say. 

EMC must have been thrilled to steal Oracle's thunder at the show, with chief executive Joe Tucci and president Pat Gelsinger taking to the OpenWorld stage to tout the beta release of the firm's Project Lightning flash cards.

On Tuesday we have the prospect of Michael Dell and Oracle's John Fowler sharing a keynote slot. We'll keep you posted on whether Oracle livens up for day two of the show.

04 Oct 2011

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