MeeGo releases more source code

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The MeeGo platform took another step forward this week with the handset baseline source code for the Linux based OS released to the developer community.

MeeGo UI screenshots and previews are available and it is also possible to download screens and browse the source code.

Guidelines have been released for those who wish to design applications for MeeGo, with information about APIs also included.

"This code is being actively developed as MeeGo 1.1, which is scheduled for release in October," noted a blog posting in the MeeGo site. "The MeeGo UI team has also been busy creating the handset reference user experience and preparing the MeeGo UI design principles and interaction guidelines."

The preview looks similar to interfaces which are already on the market and this is not a bad thing, explained Tony Cripps, principal analyst at Ovum.

"Nokia has been in a difficult position as it has been supporting different platforms. The Symbian OS is mature and is not competing with Android and Apple's OS," he said.

"The software platforms that are the most successful are the ones that have the greatest number of developers and publishers. Nokia could have looked at other options such as Android, but has gone with the more difficult, long term option."

Nokia's hardware could be spectacular, but if no-one develops for the device then it will have a problem, he argued.

Cripps added that it is important for Nokia to build an ecosystem for the platform if it is to thrive, and said that it is still possible for the Finnish manufacturer to catch up Apple and HTC. He pointed out how Motorola was written off, but is now doing well in the US.

Nokia will be hoping that the MeeGo 1.1 code in development and due for release in October will help to boost the sales of its high-end smartphones.

02 Jul 2010

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