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Positive Twitter Day campaign brings out the snark in everyone

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As the good old British summer dwindles away, Sneak couldn't help but wonder: what better way to lift the spirits than an outbreak of positivity. Why then, luckily for Sneak, some clever-minded soul decided to come up with Positive Twitter Day for 31 August.

After a quick dive in to the micro-blogging pool, Sneak already feels autumn's unrelenting doom dissipating like ripples on a sun-kissed pond. Take the cheery message from one tweeter, @alexhern:

And who could not be cheered by the unabashed optimism from Slough Council?

Sneak is pretty sure that Sir John Betjeman had already covered off all the best bits about Slough in his famous poem (bombs, cabbages, peroxide hair etc). Nonetheless, Sneak doffs its cap at this outbreak of cheerfulness in the face a glum reality.

Sadly, not everyone seems to be taking Slough Council's cheery goodwill to heart.

Others, such as cynical tabloid hack @fleetstreetfox were even more down on the whole concept.

That's the spirit guys!

31 Aug 2012

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