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Google chides Facebook on user engagement

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Given the rampant success of Google's attempt at a social network, Google+, it's good to see that the search giant is feeling munificent.

A handful of its researchers will take to a conference stage today to let erstwhile rival, Facebook, know just where it has been going wrong all along on the issue of user privacy and engagement.

Sneak can't help but wonder whether next up Google will be dishing up advice to Roger Federer on winning tennis matches, or even to Granny Sneak on egg-sucking.

Delegates at the Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security in Washington will today be treated to the presentation from Jessica Staddon and her colleagues at Google on whether privacy concerns are a turn-off for social network users.

Having a had a peek at the paper, Sneak is happy to warn those delegates: hold on to your hats. The intrepid Googlers have found, from speaking to more than 1,000 Facebook users (or about 0.0001 per cent of its user base) that those that had privacy concerns shared less on the social network than those that didn't.

With insights like that, it surely can't be long before the social network that came to redefine the phrase "lack of user engagement", Google+, catches up with Facebook?

13 Jul 2012

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