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ICM Registry saves world from horror of

Former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher
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Sneak once typed a standard, everyday phrase into Google and was shocked, embarrassed and appalled to find results that pertained to what can only be described as, well, (deep breath) pornography.

A few days later, having sufficiently recovered strength to venture online again, Sneak was overwhelmed by what he found after a dedicated search for this previously unknown area of the internet.

It turns out lots of people like this 'pornography' and the world has agreed that a special domain is required to separate this kind of content from the boring, normal, safe stuff. The domain is, of course, .xxx.

Not XXXX, mind. That's an Australian beer called Castlemaine. Does that mean they'll buy Confusing.

Of course, a new domain means a landrush for top domains linked to the most popular search terms, but the organisation in charge of the management of .xxx domains, ICM Registry, has revealed that it has banned some 15,000 celebrity names already.

"We didn't want to have the embarrassment of coming up at the launch of the new domain," the company's chief executive, Stuart Lawley, told The Guardian.

Of course, an domain makes sense, but Lawley also said that names such as David Cameron, Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher will also be blacklisted. The mind boggles.

Anyway, since discovering this brave new world, Sneak has decided to take action. So make sure you check out for hot sarcastic blogging action. Oh yeah.

07 Sep 2011

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