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Facebook helps to fight crime as criminals brag online

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Law enforcement agencies across the world must be thankful for Twitter and Facebook as they have helped capture some of the planet's more dim-witted villains by letting them brag of their exploits online.

Four more such criminals that won't be bothering Moriarty for notoriety anytime soon were captured this week after they updated their Facebook statuses with none-too-subtle references to their escapades, according to The Telegraph.

"I'm rich," one wrote, which must have been a shock to his followers who presumably knew him as a poor man. Another made the bizarre boast: "Wipe my teeth with hundreds." Is that how they imagine the rich live? Sneak can assure them it's not.

The timing of these updates was, well, timely, as it came just after raid on Bank of Commerce in Houston, Texas in which two men stole around £50,000.

Two other men who worked in the bank were also arrested, hinting that perhaps it was an inside job.

Perhaps one updated his status to read: "We woz robbed today ;-)," or something equally eye-brow raising for the authorities to work out the four-piece puzzle.

Facebook and Twitter seem to like their new-found role as law enforcers too. Both have blue and white motifs similar to most police forces across the world.

Criminals, take note.

26 Apr 2011

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