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The Beatles rock their way on to Apple iTunes

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Technology behemoth Apple has decided to extend its altruism into the world of music by helping struggling band The Beatles make more money by offering their songs through its iTunes music service.

"We can work it out," Steve Jobs almost certainly didn't say when having a non-existent conversation with Paul McCartney on his iPhone 4 about the deal, "So let it be that we can put your song on our service, then you'll feel fine."

"Hello, Goodbye," McCartney would have responded, if this conversation had occurred.

Still, if you want to shell out £12.99 for The Beatles Blue Album on iTunes (Amazon offers you the pathetic hard-copy CD version for an insultingly low £7.99) then you may also enjoy Sneak's attempt to emulate The Sun and suggest the top 10 Beatles songs with a technology edge...take it away lads.

1. With a Little Help from My Friendster
2. A Day in the Wi-Fi
3. Yellow Submarine Cable
4. Here Comes the Sun Microsystems
5. The Long and Winding Roadmap
6. She Came in Through the Microsoft Windows
7. Kindle Writer
8. Lucy in the Sky Broadband with Diamonds
9. I've Just Seen a Facebook
10. Twitter and Shout

Sneak hopes he passed the audition.

16 Nov 2010

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