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Lord Sugar's Viglen boss needs some tech tips

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As a TV connoisseur - what else can you be when your life involves only a couch, dressing gown and mega bag of Doritos - the Apprentice interview round is always a highlight in Sneak's calendar.

This year's programme was extra special with the welcome return of Margaret Mountford. Sneak has always had a soft spot for Margaret, with her love of Egyptian paper, and her trademark eyebrow-raise to express her disbelief at some of the more choice remarks from the hopeful candidates. How he'd love to be on the receiving end of one of those glares...

But we also got the added bonus this time round of gaining greater insight into the inner workings of Lord Sugar's technology empire.

Bordan Tkachuk, one of the Apprentice's hard-hitting interviewers, is chief executive of Lord Sugar's Viglen, described as a "direct manufacturer specialising in computers, networks and solutions". Clearly the networks part doesn't really cross into Tkachuk's line of expertise, however, as on last night's programme he defined ISP as an 'internet service protocol'.

In other circumstances this slip might have gone unnoticed, as we all instead concentrated on Joanna trying not to cry and Jamie failing to charm his way out of awkward questions. But what made Tkachuk's comment stand out was his warning to candidate 'Stuart Baggs the Brand' not to try and spin him a line as he knows all about technology.

Stuart, who supposedly runs a telecoms company on the Isle of Mann, failed to correct Tkachuk over the protocol/provider mix-up. Sneak's not sure if this was due to Baggs' similar lack of knowledge, his fear of ruining his chances by correcting Tkachuk, or just plain shock that the man sitting opposite him is paid huge sums by Lord Sugar to run a technology company.

In the end Stuart, along with Jamie and Joanna, got the push from the boardroom, leaving glorified PA Stella to fight it out with monotone, revered theologian Chris. But Sneak thinks everyone else in the tech business would agree that there was only one fair outcome of The Apprentice last night: 'Bordan - you're fired'.

16 Dec 2010

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