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Google Maps for iOS 2.5

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13 Dec 2013

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The premier mapping application is available for your iPhone and is better than ever. Sadly an iPad version is still in development.

Review Rating: rating

Type: Full commercial application

Platform: iPhone

Manufacturer: Google

Size: 6.7MB

Price: Free

One of the disappointments of iOS 6 was the removal of some of the popular Google apps, such as YouTube and Maps. The loss of Maps was particularly galling as the Apple replacement was poor in comparison.

Luckily Google has since released dedicated versions of its YouTube and, now, Maps for iPhone. Sadly an iPad version is still in development.

Mapping applications are an important tool in the smartphone armory and Google Maps has always been regarded as the premier option for anyone that has ever been lost or caught looking for directions. 

The application includes navigation software for added help in finding your way, if you download the new app, you'll notice new social networking features like geo-tagging friends and local information through the Places feature.

The application is easy to use and fast, depending on the quality of your local connection and very accurate. Maps can be used in a standard mode or with satellite images.

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