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iBooks for iOS 3.1

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11 Mar 2013

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Purchase & read ebooks on your iPhone or iPad

Review Rating: rating

Type: Free for personal use only

Platform: iPad, iPhone

Manufacturer: Apple

Price: Free

Now that ebooks seem to have taken off and more of have begun to purchase and use dedicated readers as a more travel friendly alternative to a hardback or paperback. Apple's iPad, with its large touch screen, is an ideal device for reading electronic books, and this is where iBooks comes in.

The app itself provides access to an ever growing online library. There are a range of free and paid for books available, and the store can be access from within the app, it'll even go to the trouble of neatly arranging them on a shelf for you.

Page navigation is intuitive and the app ships with a number of added features such as font style and size, to suit personal tastes.

One other handy feature is that notes and bookmarks can be added to books and these can be synchronised with other devices on which you have installed iBooks.

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