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Norton Mobile Security LITE for Android

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27 Nov 2012

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Norton Mobile Security screenshot


Useful for the remote locking feature and malware protection, but this is not comprehensive security

Review Rating: rating

Type: Free for personal use only

Platform: Android

Manufacturer: Norton Mobile

Size: 1.8MB

Price: Free

Security software is something generally associated with desktop computers, but this is an anti-malware and anti-virus for you Android device. The app will scan internal memory as well as SD cards and remove threats that are detected - and this is achieved without impacting negatively on performance. Weekly updates ensure protection is automatically upgraded.

If your phone should be lost or stolen, an SMS can be used to send a remote locking signal top it to prevent your private data from falling into the wrong hands and to avoid a potentially large phone bill.

The Lite version of the app can be viewed as more of a trial of the paid-for version, and many of the key features are missing or seriously limited. Some peace of mind is provided by the knowledge that your Android device is protected against malware but the app is not perfect. 


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