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Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 (64-bit)

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26 Feb 2013

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Internet Explorer 9 screen shot


Internet Explorer 10 is here and it's better than ever. Quicker, with support for the latest web standards and more secure than before.

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Type: Full commercial application

Platform: Windows 7 64-bit

Manufacturer: Microsoft

Size: 470Kb

Price: Free

Internet Explorer is designed to bring sites front and centre through Windows 7, enabling a more immersive, more beautiful Web experience. Features such as Pinned Sites and Jump List enable people to put their websites directly on the Windows 7 Taskbar, as though they were native applications, and then to quickly and easily perform tasks related to those websites, such as check their inboxes, change the music station, accept friend invitations or see breaking news.

Internet Explorer takes advantage of the power of modern Windows PC hardware to improve all-around Web browsing performance. It is the only browser with hardware-accelerated HTML5 spanning all graphics, text, audio and video. Internet Explorer harnesses the power of the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), unlocking 90 percent of the PC’s power that went previously untapped by Web browsers. Without hardware acceleration, browsers only use about 10% of the processing power your PC has to offer. Internet Explorer unlocks that other 90%. With Internet Explorer, we're tapping into your graphics processor through Windows to harness the full potential of your PC. High-definition videos are smooth, graphics are clearer and more responsive, colours are truer, and websites are more interactive. Combined with our new JavaScript engine, the web now performs like an application installed directly on your computer.

Internet Explorer features a simplified yet enhanced interface to put the focus on websites. The address bar and search bar have been combined into the One Box. Tabs stack along the very top. And the entire frame is significantly slimmer. Combined, this gives you much more room for the stuff you're looking at online.

Internet Explorer has HTML5 support right at the centre, allowing developers to write the same markup. With extensive support for HTML5, SVG, Geolocation, CSS3, and DOM, developers have a new set of capabilities with Internet Explorer that will help usher in the next wave of innovation across the web.

Note that this is the version for Windows 7 64-bit.

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