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Spotify for Windows 0.9.8

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13 Jan 2014

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Tool that will enable you to find tracks on the Internet and stream them to your computer and/or to your speakers

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Platform: Windows 8 compatible, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Manufacturer: Spotify Ltd

Size: 4MB

Number of Downloads: 2178

Price: Free (Premium version £9.99/month)

Finding new and interesting music isn’t particularly easy unless you have the time to listen to a lot of radio or you want to legitimately listen to entire songs, before you make your mind up whether you think the album is worth buying. Even then, it’s easy to be disappointed. How many times have you bought an album to find there are only two or three tracks that interest you?

The answer is to stream your audio tracks from the Internet, each time you want to listen to a different album. Instead of storing all your tracks on your hard drive, wasting space, you just find a new track and then stream wirelessly to your speakers using something like the Apple Airport Express device.

Spotify is a popular and relatively new of listening to an audio collection. Download the application, find the track you want to hear and stream if from the Internet to your speakers. All for free. Well, free plus radio-style audio adverts. You can get rid of these adverts if you upgrade to the Premium edition, which costs £9.99/month, but also gives you a much higher bitrate of 320kbps and no advertisements.

Spotify only gives you a right to listen to audio tracks on a strictly personal non-commercial basis. You’ll still need a public performance license if you listen to audio within any environment which involves the public or employees. It’s also limited to a small number of territories, including the UK.

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