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WYSIWYG Web Builder 9.2

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12 Dec 2013

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Wysiwyg Web Builder


Decent tool to enable you to simply drag and drop objects in order to 'design' a homepage

Review Rating: rating

Type: Time limited demo

Platform: Windows 8 compatible, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Manufacturer: Pablo Software Solutions

Size: 5.6MB

Number of Downloads: 4120

Price: $39.95

Quickly & easily design and build your own website using this tool

If you’re a web programmer, there are a number of tools on the market to enable you to code up your web pages as quickly as possible. Perhaps you prefer to code everything by hand, so an advanced text editor will suffice.

Others will want to go further and Macromedia Dreamweaver is the choice with design professionals, enabling you to have a complete control over the pages that make up your web site.

However, if you’re new to web design, you have two options: pay a professional to design your own site or simply do it yourself. Sadly there aren’t too many excellent WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get – meaning you simply have to drag and drop images and text on to an interface, much like a desktop publisher) applications on the PC.

Strangely there has been a plethora of excellent WYSIWYG web editors on the Mac platform, with Apple’s iWeb, RapidWeaver and SandVox. These all use templates to enable you to simply drag your media content on to existing professional templates, so you can quickly design a professional web site.

WYSIWYG Web Builder is a Windows equivalent of these applications, but with even more flexibility. It enables you to design from scratch or from one of the many supplied templates.

You can drop in a number of Windows objects such as ActiveX code and also Flash media files and, when you’ve finished your design, test and then upload to your homepage.

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