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Xmarks for Internet Explorer 1.3.4

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11 May 2012

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Free addon that will enable you to manage and synchronise your IE bookmarks

Review Rating: rating

Type: Free for personal use only

Platform: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 7, Windows Vista 64-bit

Manufacturer: Foxmarks Inc.

Size: 2.1MB

Number of Downloads: 1683

Price: Free

Sometimes, for whatever reason, those of us who spend most of our time working on computers may need to use another machine. This may be due to technical difficulties or, we may be working from home or even using a laptop whilst on the train or away on business. The trouble is that we tend to have a particular machine that’s used more regularly, and because of this, it’s probably equipped with all the tools you need, not just the programs we regularly use, but important bookmarks we need for specific websites.

Ever tried accessing a particular web page from a different computer without the URL? It’s almost impossible to remember exact web addresses when you’re using a number of different sites on a daily basis.

Xmarks (was Foxmarks) is an ideal solution for such a scenario. This version of Foxmarks designed to work with Internet Explorer and enables a user to access their bookmarks from any machine they are using via, which constantly keeps your bookmarks synchronised whilst running in the background. You can manage your bookmarks from any computer, and in doing so, enables you to work as efficiently on any machine you happen to be using whether in the office or on the move.

Note that this latest version will enable you to synchronise your bookmarks and passwords between Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

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