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16 Jan 2014

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WebShot screen shot


Easy-to-use screen grabbing tool

Review Rating: rating

Platform: Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Manufacturer: Nathan Moinvaziri

Size: 600KB

Number of Downloads: 553

Price: Free (limited functionality)

This is the software publisher's description.

WebShot enables you to take screenshots of web pages and save them as full sized images or thumbnails. Screenshots images can be output in the JPG, GIF, PNG, or BMP formats.

The freeware version comes with a demo of the command line interface, which can be purchased, and used to streamline the screenshot process on whole websites. The server edition of WebShot comes with a DLL that will allow you to embed WebShot technology in your own applications.

The command line version of WebShot is located in the WebShot installation folder and is called webshotcmd.exe. Below are the command line arguments that you can use. The arguments are color coded to indicate what version supports them.

Just like a camera has a bunch of options to allow you to take the best possible picture, so does WebShot. Some of these configurable options come in the form of wait parameters that specify amounts of time to wait before or after certain browser events occur. Because of the nature of the web these days, a lot of websites have scripts or activex controls that load after a page has been loaded by Internet Explorer. Flash is a good example of an activex control that takes time to load after the page has completed loading. Some content heavy flash and active-x controls may take longer to load than others. Therefore the wait parameters allow you to wait a specified amount of time for objects on the pages to load.

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