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MacAmp for Windows 2.0 Beta

28 Aug 2002

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Okay, it only plays MP3 tracks but it looks good and lets you record live streams for posterity.

Review Rating: rating

Type: Shareware

Platform: Windows XP

Manufacturer: Subband Software

Size: 1.3MB

Number of Downloads: 715

Price: null

MacAmp was an old favourite of mine in the days when I used a Macintosh, and it has finally made it onto the PC (albeit still in beta mode).

Like its Mac sister, MacAmp for Windows is stylish, coming with a metallic silver skin. Other skins are available to download from the MacAmp website should you not be such a fan.

It is fully playlist-compliant, supporting '.m3u', '.pls' and its own '.arp' formats. Numerous plugins are bundled with the player, including DSP plugins ranging from a 10-band equaliser to a reverberator.

All the usual controls are present, including random play, repeat, next track, previous track, treble and bass.

The player can be altered a great deal to ensure that everything looks, feels and works as you prefer - including changing the visual effects.

A really cool feature is its ability to save live MP3s straight to your hard drive (in MP3 format), which means you can listen to them again without going online.

Purchase price: $15

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