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Webroot Spy Sweeper 6.1

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25 Feb 2009

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Good protection with a highly commended user-interface and one of the most-respected anti-spyware applications

Review Rating: rating

Type: Function limited demo

Platform: Windows XP, Windows Vista

Manufacturer: Webroot

Size: 36.8MB

Number of Downloads: 21151

Price: £19.95

Webroot Spy Sweeper
Give your PC maximum protection using this anti-spyware tool

Webroot Spy Sweeper protects you from intrusive software known as spyware, which collects information about your internet habits and sends it to software writers or marketing companies for analysis. Spyware infects your computer when you download and install malicious software.

In our tests Webroot Spy Sweeper found all traces of spyware on our computer and offered more information than many of the popular free alternative anti-spyware packages.

As with other spyware detectors, Spy Sweeper continually monitors your computer for spyware and has frequent definitions updates available, to protect against the latest spyware.

Spy Sweeper claims to protect against all types of spyware, including system monitors, Trojan horses, and other threats like CoolWebSearch and Look2Me.

This is a major revision (v6) that now contains a backup feature so you can backup your most important files online, access from any location and restore if necessary. 1MB of free storage is included.

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