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IBM 1Gb Microdrive

The Microdrive's 1Gb of storage opens up more possibilities for mobile computing.

5 Star Rating: Recommended 13 Dec 2000

Adaptec SCSICard 19160

An affordable Ultra160 SCSI host adapter.

4 Star Rating: Recommended 15 Jun 2000

Adaptec SCSI Card 29160

The eagerly awaited Ultra160 SCSI card has at last arrived, and will double the channel bandwidth of its predecessor, the Ultra2 LVD, to 160Mbytes per second.

4 Star Rating: Recommended 15 Jun 2000

Ricoh MP9060A

Ricoh is proud to announce its combo CD-Writer and DVD drive.

4 Star Rating: Recommended 16 Feb 2000

Iomega Zip 250

Take the technological plunge and install this speedy file backup and transfer unit inside your PC. Performance is first rate, and it takes 250Mb disks.

4 Star Rating: Recommended 09 Feb 2000

Iomega Clik! PC Card Drive

Iomega Clik! disks have been around for some time, and they're undoubtedly the cutest form of removable storage around. Here we look at the laptop kit.

4 Star Rating: Recommended 03 Feb 2000

Toshiba SD-R1002

Up until now you had to use two drive bays if you wanted to play DVDs and write your own CDs, but this innovative combo from Toshiba lets you combine the functionality of both with the convenience of just one drive.

4 Star Rating: Recommended 02 Feb 2000

Yamaha CRW8424E

If you're thinking about buying a CD Writer for your PC, now is a good a time as ever. 8x write-speed drives are appearing and Yamaha, as ever, is one of the first manufacturers to get its drive onto the shelves.

4 Star Rating: Recommended 28 Jan 2000

Plextor PlexWriter 8/4/32A

An ATAPI interface and super-fast writing speed are good reasons for taking a look at the PlexWriter 8/4/32A.

4 Star Rating: Recommended 26 Jan 2000

Plextor Plexwriter 12/4/32

Writing a CD is traditionally a slow process, but it's now possible to write a full 650Mb in under seven minutes.

4 Star Rating: Recommended 21 Jan 2000

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