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V3 reporter Dan Worth

We’ll look back at 2012 as the year everything changed

Technological advances are ensuring things will never be the same again, writes V3 news editor Dan Worth


Video conferencing will never replace the benefits of face-to-face conversations

Political leaders should have done more to embrace technology during the Earth Summit but some arguments for video conferencing are wrong-headed, argues V3's special projects editor Rosalie Marshall

V3 reporter Shaun Nichols

Surface shines, but is it enough to unseat iOS and Android?

Plenty of room for Microsoft's promising tablet to trip up, says V3's US correspondent Shaun Nichols

Microsoft Surface tablet: Disagreements over firm's chance of success

V3 and Inquirer writers give their opinions on whether Redmond has what it takes to challenge Apple

Ditch the draft Communications Bill now

Whitehall seem inextricably drawn to internet surveillance but we must resist, writes V3 reporter Gareth Morgan

Raspberry Pi is not enough to revitalise UK IT developer skills

The educational developer device is a step in the right direction, but more is needed, says V3 technology editor Dan Robinson

It's time to change tax system to bring technology manufacturing back to the UK

Cushion making experiment has shown it can be done, says V3 editor Madeline Bennett

HP's loss of Autonomy founder Mike Lynch could be UK tech sector's gain

HP's latest strategy change sees thousands of jobs go and new focus on cloud, security and information

Government moves towards accountability should be celebrated

IT chiefs are leading a new public sector culture of openness, says V3's special projects editor Rosalie Marshall

Microsoft should buy Nokia if it wants to take down Apple and Samsung

Can Redmond afford to let Finnish firm’s financial slide continue, asks V3 news editor, Dan Worth.

Apple is wrong to try and cage its Lion

No matter how beautifully designed, users quickly tire of walled gardens writes V3 correspondent Gareth Morgan

Hacking and intellectual property theft presage the new Cold War

Nations facing a technological arms race, writes V3 US correspondent, Shaun Nichols

Olympics momentum should kickstart online voting systems

London games are the ideal foundation for more innovative government services, says Madeline Bennett

Consumerisation of IT is nothing new

The truth behind the Consumerisation of IT is less glamorous than the hype suggests, says V3's technology editor, Dan Robinson

Big data analytics will be a lot more exciting than cloud computing

Big Data analytics can bring us more than just IT efficiencies and lower costs, says V3 special projects editor, Rosalie Marshall

Turing's fate is symptomatic of wider IT malaise

We shouldn't need online petitions to demand recognition for Alan Turing, says V3 columnist Gareth Morgan

Technology is great but we have to learn to switch off

Constant connectivity must be considered a curate’s egg

Time for Apple to end the Android patent wars

Apple should stop wasting its money on lawyers fees and focus on product development

LulzSec takedown leaves more security questions than answers

Hacktivists, businesses and law enforcement agencies all now face security uncertainties

Why Windows 8 could be the next Vista

The last time Microsoft made such a major overhaul of Windows, the result was Vista

Social networks like Facebook and Google+ could pose increasing security risk to businesses

We need to wake up to the fact that the next frontier of corporate espionage could be social networking

World-changing CERN experiments highlight humanity’s intrinsic curiosity

Potential long-term benefits of experiments justify time and expense of projects

BBC and Sky News show tough love with Twitter policies

Are firms right to enforce strict rules on what staff can and can't tweet?

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