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V3's Dan Robinson

Consumerisation of IT is nothing new

The truth behind the Consumerisation of IT is less glamorous than the hype suggests, says V3's technology editor, Dan Robinson

V3's Rosalie Marshall

Big data analytics will be a lot more exciting than cloud computing

Big Data analytics can bring us more than just IT efficiencies and lower costs, says V3 special projects editor, Rosalie Marshall

V3's Gareth Morgan

Turing's fate is symptomatic of wider IT malaise

We shouldn't need online petitions to demand recognition for Alan Turing, says V3 columnist Gareth Morgan

Technology is great but we have to learn to switch off

Constant connectivity must be considered a curate’s egg

Time for Apple to end the Android patent wars

Apple should stop wasting its money on lawyers fees and focus on product development

LulzSec takedown leaves more security questions than answers

Hacktivists, businesses and law enforcement agencies all now face security uncertainties

Why Windows 8 could be the next Vista

The last time Microsoft made such a major overhaul of Windows, the result was Vista

Social networks like Facebook and Google+ could pose increasing security risk to businesses

We need to wake up to the fact that the next frontier of corporate espionage could be social networking

World-changing CERN experiments highlight humanity’s intrinsic curiosity

Potential long-term benefits of experiments justify time and expense of projects

BBC and Sky News show tough love with Twitter policies

Are firms right to enforce strict rules on what staff can and can't tweet?

Intel will prove Steve Jobs wrong in the mobile market

Apple's Jobs was wrong to dismiss firm as "slow"

RIM needs to decide where its market lies

Troubled BlackBerry maker should stop trying to serve both consumer and enterprise customers

Why IT managers should look east in 2012

China is the new frontier for technology innovation

Government looking in the wrong places for IT teaching excellence

Peer-led groups are the way to encourage a new generation of UK tech whizz kids, says Madeline Bennett

Can we really hold out hope for Thompson's success at Yahoo?

Thomspon has about as much chance at turning Yahoo around as his predecessor did, says Rosalie Marshall

Smartphones rock, mobile internet sucks

LTE will save us, won't it?

Facebook isn't worth $100bn, and I am not your friend

Advertising basis for huge valuation fails to appreciate subtleties of human interaction

Christmas holiday season will make or break mobile vendors

Smartphone makers face critical times as consumers take to the stores

European Parliament wrong to interfere in net neutrality

The net neutrality debate is international, but policy should be drawn up at state level, argues Rosalie Marshall

Steve Jobs: the marketing genius of IT

Jobs' contribution to technology has been to make it more usable and accessible

Bartz had successes at Yahoo, but the sceptics got their way

Many observers suggest that Bartz was never suited to leading Yahoo out of the doldrums

Style and simplicity the hallmarks of the Steve Jobs era at Apple

Co-founder's second stint with the company brought an obsession with elegance and the user experience

The impact of the web and the challenges ahead

Historian William Pickett on how the web has changed the world as it reaches 20-year milestone

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