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BBC News screen shot

BBC News for Android

View the latest BBC news from your Android device

4 Star Rating: Recommended
AVG Free for Android

AVG Antivirus Free for Android v3.0.3

Keep your Android device secure using this free anti-virus tool

4 Star Rating: Recommended
RPN Calc on Android

gReader Pro (Google Reader) for Android 3.0.7

Read your Google-powered RSS feeds on the road

4 Star Rating: Recommended
Opera Mobile 10.1 beta for Android screen shot

Opera Mobile Web Browser for Android 12.0.4

Alternative web browser for your Android mobile

5 Star Rating: Recommended
VNC Viewer on Android

VNC Viewer for Android 1.2.3

View a remote computer from your Android mobile

3 Star Rating: Recommended

SkyDrive for Android 1.0

Microsoft's answer to cloud-based file storage and synchronisation

4 Star Rating: Recommended

File Expert 4.2.6 for Android

File manager for Android

4 Star Rating: Recommended

Backup Pictures 1.0.1 for Android

Automatically backup pictures via your Android device

4 Star Rating: Recommended
Spotify for Android screen shot

Spotify for Android v0.5.2

Pay a fixed monthly price, gain access to millions of music tracks

5 Star Rating: Recommended
Password login screen shot

1Password for Android

Store & synchronise sensitive data

3 Star Rating: Recommended

Enhanced Email 1.34.4 for Android

Lightweight email client for Android

4 Star Rating: Recommended
Simplenote for iPhone

Simplenote 3.2.2 for iOS

Take quick notes on the road using your iPhone

3 Star Rating: Recommended
Flashplayer on Android

Adobe Flash Player for Android 11.2

Display or play Flash content through your mobile

5 Star Rating: Recommended
Spout for iPhone and iPad

Spout 1.2 for iOS

Stay up-to-date with all your social networks

4 Star Rating: Recommended
Wikipedia on Android

Wikipedia for Android 1.0

Access and read Wikipedia content from your mobile

5 Star Rating: Recommended
The Daily Mash on Android

The Daily Mash for Android 1.0

Get the Daily Mash content on your mobile device

4 Star Rating: Recommended
3D Watchdog on Android

3G Watchdog Pro for Android 1.5.1

Keeps one eye on your mobile internet use

4 Star Rating: Recommended
Eagle Eyes on Android

EagleEyes(Plus+) for Android 1.2.2

Keep one eye on your home from your mobile

3 Star Rating: Recommended
PrinterShare on Android

PrinterShare for Android 3.2

Print to remote (wireless) printers from your mobile

4 Star Rating: Recommended
WolframAlpha on Android

Wolfram Alpha for Android 1.0.3

Get answers to difficult questions from your mobile

5 Star Rating: Recommended

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