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Rising mobile broadband use could cause worldwide spectrum overload

ITU report also suggests digital divide goes beyond economic issues and is also affected by gender


State-sponsored cyber attacks strain trade relations

Something needs to be done to slow cyber attacks by world governments

A pair of hands resting on prison bars

UK hackers jailed for €8m carbon credit heist

Three men from Telford and Leicester sentenced

Obama reveals cyber security talks with China

President officially admits to ongoing dialogue, amid heightened tension over state-sponsored hacking

US lawmakers decry UN oversight of the internet

FCC commissioner warns of impending web regulations

Google's Schmidt returns from North Korea urging internet reform

Googler makes personal trip with US delegation

UK and US refuse to ratify ITU internet rules

Organisers claim success despite lack of agreement

Russian-backed UN internet regulation proposal shelved

Latest UN internet regulation proposal gets thrown out

US Congress condemns UN regulation of the internet

Concerns over UN assembly motivate resolution

Google blasts UN over internet freedom

Concerns mount over free speech online with users locked out of ITU meeting

ITU lays out standardised power supplies plan

Universal Power Adapter looks to save on energy costs and reduce e-waste

ITU predicts 25 billion networked devices by 2020

Organisation predicts switch in digital divide from access to content and capabilities

Tech gurus clash over human right to internet access

Vint Cerf and Nathaniel Borenstein disagree in ongoing debate

ITU drill tests cyber defences in south east Asia

UN agency simulates online attacks in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar

TeaMp0isoN posts stolen United Nations credentials online

Hacking group hopes effort will highlight 'UN corruption'

#LondonCyber live coverage: William Hague keynote

V3 is in central London to see the foreign secretary kick off the first Conference on Cyberspace

UN calls for broadband cap at five per cent of average monthly incomes

Broadband Commission sets out four 'ambitious but achievable' goals for high-speed access

UN report to criticise Digital Economy Act for violating human rights

Report urges UK to amend or repeal legislation as criticism from all quarters mounts

ITU teams up with UN and Symantec in cyber crime fight

Combined resources will tackle sophisticated and growing threats to governments

ITU calls on governments to drive broadband

Organisation promotes benefits of next-generation access across the world

ITU urges governments to aid broadband development

Clear regulatory framework fundamental to driving network growth, says Hamadoun Touré

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