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Google Android Malware

Android users under siege as banking Trojan threat grows

Kaspersky data shows continuing focus on banking Trojans from crooks

Digital security padlock red image

Hackers turning to Tor network to hide evolved malware, warns Kaspersky Lab

ChewBacca and evolved Zeus attacks are only the beginning

Agent.btz Windows XP military malware caught infiltrating UK systems

Researchers spot similarities with Flame and Red October attacks

ChewBacca and Zeus malware found on Tor

Kaspersky Lab researchers report massive spike in criminal activity on anonymous network

Kaspersky charts surge in mobile banking malware

Android targeted by 98 percent of all attacks

Top 10 worst state-sponsored hack campaigns: From PRISM to Stuxnet and Mask

We break down the biggest government-funded cyber attacks

The Mask malware ensnares 380 governments and corporations

Hackers spear phished victims with bogus Guardian and Washington Post sub domains

Adobe rushes emergency fix for critical Windows and Mac OS Flash flaw

Evidence suggests flaw was being actively exploited by state hackers

Three quarters of world's email traffic is spam

Great Britain tops list as phishers' favourite European location, reports Kaspersky Lab

Top 10 most read: 5S vs S4 vs Nexus 5, top smartphones of 2014, XP security extended

Java, Icefog and Scada security issues also of keen interest last week

Kaspersky banks on London business folk to save the world

Company opens new 200-person office to co-ordinate European anti-hacker efforts

Icefog hackers hit ‘large US oil company' with evolved Java attack

Kaspersky reports sinkholing 27 of the APT's 72 command-and-control servers

Stuxnet: UK and US nuclear plants at risk as malware spreads outside Russia

At least one Russian nuclear plant has already been infected, warns Kaspersky Lab founder

Hackers-for-hire uncovered using hit-and-run 'Icefog' APT on Mac OS X and Windows systems

Mercenary gang mounting surgical hit and run strikes for highest bidder, reports Kaspersky Lab

Android under siege from 100,000-strong malware horde

Obad Trojan leads new wave of advanced attacks in Q2, says Kaspersky

Spammers still spoofing Microsoft but junk mail decreases

Malware and phishing up slightly on the month

Hackers hit 3,000 UK web users a day with phishing attacks

Facebook, Twitter and Skype being targeted with fake messages

Spammers using web hosts to evade security tools

Botnets falling out of favour as scammers move to new tactics

Kaspersky uncovers advanced Operation NetTraveler malware attacking UK systems

Russian firm says toolkit has already stolen 22GB of data from 350 known victims

Firms and governments face mobile security nightmare as 23,000 new threats emerge

Kaspersky Lab calls for governments to team up in anti-hacker fight

Kaspersky to improve Android security with Qualcomm deal

Will preload products onto "lower end" of Qualcomm Snapdragon processors

IBM software vulnerabilities leave servers open to targeted attacks

Security researchers uncover seven security issues in IBM SDK Java Technology Edition software

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