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CES: Sharp Igzo monitors hands on review

09 Jan 2013

LAS VEGAS: Prior to the kick off of the 2013 CES show, Sharp showed reporters a sneak peek of a new display technology called Igzo. Based on a collection of four materials, Igzo acts as an efficient semiconductor and an alternative to traditional silicon compounds. The company believes that Igzo can support more powerful and efficient screen designs.

The monitors on display at this year's show did impress, though any technology in its infancy carries plenty of caveats. The touchscreen systems were sharp and responsive in their limited demonstrations.

Sharp IGZO touch monitor

One of the most impressive features on the Igzo monitor was its ability to quickly and clearly perform the type of zoom activities rarely seen outside of TV dramas. The screen was able to seamlessly go from this...

Sharp IGZO touch monitor pre-zoom

To this...

Sharp IGZO touch monitor zoom


The most intriguing feature of IGZO technology, however, is its power efficiency. Due to its ability to intermittently power off hardware without losing picture, the displays are said to be as much as 90 per cent more efficient.

Sharp IGZO power consumption


Also intriguing were the possible form factors for Igzo. Screens based on the format include both traditional and flexible handset displays.

Sharp IGZO flexible screen

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