John McAfee boasts about having a spy ring inside the Belize government

07 Jan 2013

John McAfee

Security luminary John McAfee has blogged that he led a massive espionage campaign against Belize authorities.

McAfee's odd tale of cyber spying and "complex social engineering" was reportedly done in retaliation for the April raid of his home in Belize. The news comes following months of bizarre behaviour and odd omissions that has followed the McAfee Security founder in the last year.

According to McAfee's blog post, he gave away 75 hacked netbooks to Belize authorities in an attempt to uncover government corruption. The "gifts" were loaded with keyloggers and hacking software that could turn on the laptops camera unnoticed.

McAfee then hired 23 female and six male "operatives" to engage with said authorities and report their findings back to him. Among other things, the hired hands would plant voice recorders around the authorities' homes and offices.

All of this ended up with McAfee uncovering a terrorist plot within the Belize government. McAfee claims that he has evidence which proves that Belize authorities gave Hezbollah terrorists passports and IDs under assumed names. 

According to McAfee, the Hezbollah operatives would then work with South American drug cartels to transport weaponry into the US.

So to recap, McAfee has a spy ring that has uncovered a massive conspiracy involving the Belize government, drug cartels, and Hezbollah terrorists.

It would be easy to mark this up as a crazy person losing it in spectacular fashion. However, it's more likely that McAfee is just having a bit of a laugh at the expensive of the internet.

All the hoopla of his world-wind police chase through South America has ended and he's probably just bored. By his own admission he makes stuff up sometimes. If anything, we should be surprised the story isn't crazier.

Top email fraud terms revealed as “cover up” and “write off”

07 Jan 2013


For those working in big organisations with access to reams of data that others would love to get their hands on, the chance to make some serious cash on the side by passing it on or selling it must occasionally prove tempting.

Of course, millions of workers resist such temptations daily. But once in a while stories break of insider dealing and information passing that underline the importance of keeping a close eye on suspicious behaviours.

These days one of the main ways people communicate is email yet tracing email conversations for keywords is not a frequently used method, according to Ernst & Young, which has released a list of keyword discovered by its own email monitoring software.

These include, perhaps not surprisingly, "cover up", "write off" and "illegal", although V3's favourite is "nobody will find out" which ranks at fifth. The firm wants to raise the possibility of monitoring emails proactively to tackle fraud before it occurs.

"Most often such email traffic is only seized upon by regulators or fraud investigators when the damage has been done," said Rashmi Joshi, director of Ernst & Young's Fraud Investigation & Disputes Services.

"Firms are increasingly seeking to proactively search for specific trends and red flags - initially anonymously - but with the potential for investigation where a consistent pattern of potential fraud is flagged."

Other terms that appear regularly show those being pressured into fraud abuses, with phrases like "not comfortable", "want no part of this" and "don't leave a trail" appearing regularly.

However, if you're thinking that now you know the key words and terms to avoid you can get away with it more easily, Ernst & Young claim the software - developed with help from the FBI - also searches for "out of band" events.

This means changes in tone or uncharacteristic language and terms are noted for further investigation.

You have been warned.

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