Steve Wozniak to star in new iOS game

15 Nov 2012


Technology luminary Steve Wozniak and From Dusk Till Dawn actor Danny Trejo have teamed up to save Wozniak's wife from street thugs. Well, at least that is the plot of Danny Trejo's Vengence: Woz with a Coz, the new iOS game from app publisher ITN FLIX.

The new 8-bit game will see players using the Woz's brain and Trejo's muscle to save "J-Woz" from menacing street thugs. Players will run-and-gun their way through the platforming world of Fusion City in the new game expected to launch on Thanksgiving Day.

"Featuring an over-the-top, old school inspired action combined with a retro 8-bit and exciting gritty art style. Players will enjoy Woz's brain power, translator apps, Danny Trejo's machetes, guns, and other crazy upgrades," reads a Facebook fan page for game.

Along with the Woz and Trejo, players will be treated to cameo's from the likes of MMA World Champion "Suga" Rashad Evans and platinum recording artist Baby Bash.

Getting all those folks together is probably commonplace in real-life. You'd imagine Baby Bash and the Woz have had many Sunday brunches together.

The new game is part of an advertising push for an upcoming Danny Trejo movie. Vengeance will star Trejo as an undercover cop who has to clear his name after being framed for a crime he did not commit. Unfortunately for Apple fans the movie doesn't showcase the acting prowess of the Woz.

While the game sounds too crazy to pass up, we'll hold off until the sequel where Steve Jobs teams up with Samuel Jackson to crush Android OS.

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