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Google Scrooges cancel Christmas with Android 4.2 bug

19 Nov 2012


With the Christmas season fast approaching, Sneak often has to make polite excuses to extricate himself from yet another spirit crushing festive party, where over-eager vendors mistakenly believe a bit of corporate flesh-pressing and a free mince pie will dispel our doubts about their dubious technology. 

Not that Sneak is some latter day Scrooge: but with only so much drinking time left until the big day, Sneak has to be picky about which invites to accept.

In recent years, it's got so bad that Sneak has now run out of family members that can plausibly have succumbed to a mysterious ailment that needs our urgent attention. Thankfully for Sneak, this year help is at hand.

The good folk at Google have ensured that Sneak can now avoid all yule-time engagements simply by claiming to have a top-of-the-range smartphone. A bug in Google's Android Jelly Bean 4.2 means that scores of users are having problems entering calendar dates in December.

Not everyone is as delighted as Sneak.

As one complainer wrote: “Those dirty Google hippies are waging the War On Christmas.”

Given that Android Jelly Bean 4.2 is only found on the very latest top-end devices, such as the newly released Nexus 4, it's hardly surprising that some users are a little irked.

But one man's loss is another's gain. So now, faced with unwelcome invites to corporate shindigs, Sneak will just say: “Thanks, but my smartphone won't let me”.

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